Gimghoul Castle in at UNC Chapel Hill

Gimghoul Castle in at UNC Chapel Hill

Gimghoul Castle
Ghimghoul Castle, Chapel Hill, NC

While the United States doesn’t have the remnants of medieval castles in the same way that Europe has them dotting across their ancestral lands, North Carolina does have a few treasures of our own. One such location is Gimghoul Castle, an historical structure built of stone in the architectural style of a castle situated on the east side of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (UNC Chapel Hill).

Throughout the last century, Gimghoul Castle served as the lodge and headquarters for the Order of Gimghoul, a secretive and exclusive student society that was established in 1889. The society was established based on a historical legend centered around a former student by the name of Peter Dromgoole who mysteriously disappeared from campus in 1833. Peter, himself, was not a legend. Records show he was a real student who enrolled at the university, but there are no records of him graduating or what may have happened to him. There are a couple of legends regarding his disappearance, and you can read a few of the scenarios in more detail here.

The castle itself was built in 1924 at a cost of $50,000 with the society selling 35 acres to help finance the cost so that the nearby residential area became the present-day Gimghoul Historic Neighborhood District. A friendly neighbor in the area gave me directions on how I could find the castle at the end of Ghimgoul Road. I took the featured photo in this article so you have a modern view of how Gimgoul Castle looks today.

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