• For Love or Loyalty, Book 1
  • For Love or Country, Book 2
  • For Love or Liberty, Book 3

RT Reviews Highland Blessings

RT Book Reviews for Highland Blessings

"This romantic story is full of tender moments and the author adds suspense. Readers will be totally hooked, turning the pages to find out if this marriage can work. This book deserves applause!"

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RT Reviews Highland Sanctuary

RT Book Reviews for Highland Sanctuary
RT Book Reviews for Highland Sanctuary

"Taylor’s Highland saga continues with plenty of suspenseful twists and turns. The reader will thoroughly enjoy seeing how redemption comes to a village of outcasts. God’s love and grace are evident."

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Publisher's Weekly
For Love or Liberty
Publisher's Weekly Book Review of For Love or Liberty

For Love or Liberty book cover

"Taylor channels Jane Austen as Conrad’s and Charlotte’s bickering fuels their attraction to each other, in a manner reminiscent of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet."

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